Nick's aim is not just to create a record of people, but to ensure that he portrays the emotions and love present between them, whether couples, family groups or children. Using his experience and vision, Nick can transcend the ordinary portrait and provide you with a work of art that demonstrates your bonds with each other.

Natural looking images show people off to their best. As with his wedding photography, Nick tries to capture the essence of a character. By allowing people to relax, indoors or outdoors, we can take photographs of people without them looking forced in any way. Importantly Nick tries to make any sessions fun, vital with children, and adults too! Nick is always keen to show families enjoying themselves and to take images of your children engaged in any activities they enjoy.

Nick can provide fine art portraits to be admired upon your wall, or collections of prints or albums, the choice is yours. How about a book to record a day in the life of your child or family to treasure as a unique record in future years?

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.